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A little bit about me...

I have spent the best part of the last 25 years in the design field as a graphic designer and art director, and while I have loved it my true passion is in painting.

While I truly believe we are all creative, I do believe we are called to express that creativity in many many different ways.

Something happens to me when I put paint on to a surface, in much the same way I believe writers must feel when they have their fingers on a typewriter or wrapped around a pen.

I picked up a brush again after a 20 year break because of a "dark night of the Soul" 40ish thing that happens to a lot of us, and lasts a lot longer than just a night! Life dished out one thing after the other that had me questioning my very existence and painting was what I turned to to make sense of it all again.

I started by literally just putting white paint on to white canvas with no understanding or thought, but the joy was unbelievable - I was born to do this. 

My art went down the intuitive path, I wouldn't "think" at all I'd just paint and follow the feeling.... there would sometimes be a point where I would "see" something in the painting and I would follow that, and it would turn into "something".

My love is now for abstract painting. I paint how I see the world, the way we humans interact with the earth around us in good and bad ways. I notice the colours, the little things and the humour behind it all.

And when I find something as beautiful as creating abstract art - I instantly want to pass it on, and so I also mentor and teach other artists.

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