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Need some help working through the messy middle stage of painting?

We start off and it goes so well - the beautiful colours on the fresh canvas.


We painting and paint and inevitably we hit a block - a place that doesn't feel or look so good.


It's not fun anymore - so we put the canvas aside and start another. Eventually we have canvas after canvas of unfinished paintings.

I understand this stage, I have been their many times myself AND I have learned to work past this place and FINISH my paintings. 

I'm here to help.



I have created 3 demo videos especially for you on my TOP 3 Way to Get Unstuck and move past the Messy Middle. These are my first go to's to move my painting from Messy Middle to FINISHED.

Sign up and I will send these straight into your inbox and I will also let you know when my online abstract painting course The Messy Middle is open again.

Sign up to receive 3 free videos & demo. You will be on the list to be informed when enrolment reopens
late 2024
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