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This is NOT another
Art Retreat

This is an opportunity to work with me one-on-one in person, in a very small exclusive group of Artists

This is an opportunity to work with me, and it's more than that. It's the opportunity to get an exclusive "behind the scenes" look at the life of an Artist. It is an opportunity to discover how I changed my life from Corporate Art Director to full-time Artist.


If this is something that you want for yourself, if you are stuck in a career that is no longer lighting you up, if you dream of following your passions and changing your life, this could be the beginning.

Over 5 days and 5 nights we will be living and painting and connecting in an amazing retreat space where I have gathered many times with my Inner Circle. It is an opportunity to have your work critiqued, to ask every question you have wanted to know.

To become part of a group of Artists that you can rely on. 


You will find out more about yourself, what makes you tick, what makes you curious, what inspires you, so that you can put more of YOUR UNIQUE SELF into your work, and what it takes to create the life you have dreamed of.

If you are sitting in the messy middle in your life or in your art practise this is for you.


If you start a million paintings but never finish them - this for you.


If you are craving real life creative connection with like-minded Artists - this is for you!


The Messy Middle Byron Retreat is for 7 participants only (most of which have already been filled). Because of this you will get personal tuition, art critiques, and practical on the spot ways to break through your creative blocks.


It will be intimate and deep and not only transformative to your creative world - but to your life.

Join me for 5 days and 5 nights at the Byron Hinterlands and say yes to putting joy at the forefront of your life.

5 Days and 5 Nights in paradise to let go of the everyday and take your art to extraordinary

It's amazing what can happen when you say yes to something. It's like the whole universe rises to meet that yes. This happened to me when made a conscious decision to put my art at the centre of my world. Everything in my life rearranged almost magically to meet that decision. Are you ready to put your art at the centre of your life and prioritize yourself and your passion?


• Learn my techniques
• Use my palette

• Discover how to make 
them your own

I am known for my loose expressive abstract flowers


I am all about YOU expressing YOURSELF in your work. AND i'm happy to show you how I create my work.



This is more than an Art Retreat. I changed my life by changing the way I look at the world. There is a creative flow that is available to us all. I want to show you how to access it as well.


I want to be a part of this


What is included?


Personalised Art tuition by Deni Rayneau

All art supplies including









Airport transfers ex Ballina

Breakfast, lunch and dinner catered by a Personal Chef at Evergreen

+ Woodfire Pizza night with Margaritas

+ 1 Dinner at You Beauty, Bangalow (or similar)

+ 1 Dinner at Eltham Hotel (or similar)

+ 1 Lunch at Crystal Castle

Entry to Crystal Castle and Sound Healing

Entry to Kiva Bathhouse (spa treatments available upon booking at own cost)

Luxe Twin share accommodation at newly renovated Evergreen, an Artist Retreat surrounded by gardens, animals and sweeping valley views.


Lunch Mullumbimby

Lunch Byron Bay

All Alcohol and beverages except Champagne on arrival and Margaritas on Woodfire Pizza night

Spa Treatments at Kiva Spa

Airfare to and from Ballina Airport

Spaces are limited

Australian participants can pay direct

contact me at


Overseas participants pay through the link.


Deni Rayneau Art

Hi I'm Deni and I'm and Abstract Expressionist Artist from Sydney, Australia. I love what I do and it's crazy that I get to do it every day. I want that for you too.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was stuck in a job I had been doing for so long and I was successful at it, but it brought me no joy. I was in a creative field - but I felt like I was subtracting from the world instead of adding to it. I couldn’t do it any longer but how to pivot. That was 10 years ago. Just the pure intention of wanting to be somewhere that I wasn’t is powerful stuff.


The day I changed my instagram, my facebook, my everything to read Artist in occupation, is still etched in my brain. The nervousness, the voices, the imposter syndrome, as well as the excitement, the joy and the knowing, the coming home.


You see, Artist is so much more than an occupation - it is a way of being - a way of seeing the world. I already was an artist - way before I started calling myself that - I just didn’t know it yet. We have to be so completely honest - because it shows in our work, we need to reach inside of ourselves and expose the most pure expression of who we are. Its gut wrenching, its challenging and oh so revealing


No matter where you are on the path of Artist, you know you want a different life than the norm- you know you walk a unique path. I walk with you. And I hope I can help you travel it with more clarity, confidence and conviction.

It’s why I created The Messy Middle - life feels pretty messy as an artist, the ups and downs and questions and self doubt and the endless paintings that have you questioning if you even know what you are doing. I know this path, its the one I navigate every day. And it brings me so much joy to help others navigate their way along the same path. It’s ultimately a path of self discovery - of why we are here.


The Messy Middle can help you at all processes of making art, and it can help you put more of yourself into your work, and ultimately step fully into the Artist you were always going to be.

I have mentored, taught, lead groups and individuals both online and inperson. And it is a honour to see the change happen before my eyes. Sometimes I call myself a witness, sometimes someone who gives permission and sometimes a Fire Starter - someone who ignites the flame under your dreams. Whatever the name for it - I know its my gift and it's my pleasure to serve you.

This is for me!


Deni has the power to expose limiting beliefs and to profoundly shift your thinking with her heart-centered, intuitive, and nonjudgmental approach. She is passionate about helping other artists to get out of their own way and really connect to what lights them up. She has helped me immensely to overcome my fears and imposter syndrome and to truly own that I am an artist!

Kara Jean Estey, Maine, USA

Deni is passionate about bringing the best out of everyone and I believe a lot of this has to do with her honesty….in understanding how deeply afraid of it we really are. Deni inspires us to look within… explore our why…consistently showing up and doing. There are no rules.. no right or wrong.. when Deni says this is no ordinary Art Course … believe me it won’t be. If you are standing on the edge as I was do yourself the biggest favour … jump in and thrive.

Cecilee Georgeson, NSW, Australia

Deni, you have an incredible way of gathering women who couldn’t be more different from each other like our group and making it incredibly cohesive.

You’re magic is in truly “seeing” each of us, our unique strengths and then beautifully reflecting that back. For me there have been a million micro shifts that have powerfully changed my life and my work. I feel incredibly grounded and clear about the work I’m creating and have shed so many layers of “should” and I can’t tell you how amazing that feels.

Jackie Deblasio, Alberta, Canada

Deni has delivered everything that I needed. Which is, a coalescing of my spirit and my creativity.

I have certainly shifted from the beginning in that my self confidence has been strengthened, along with a more assured knowledge of the value of my work.

Deni, you are amazing. You understand and empathise with our diverse personalities and guide us to thoughts and considerations that lead us forward.

Jan Clark, NSW, Australia

I have been painting for 28 years and writing since I could hold a pencil. However, with Deni’s support and magical fire energy, I learned how much more I had to give on both fronts and how to present my creations in a way that is authentically me.

Kristen Ashley, Conneticut, USA

I'm so grateful I found Deni's art classes as she's such a wonderful empathic and knowledgeable teacher.

In my abstract art course with Deni, I had so much excitement and fun throughout the lessons with great people who wanted to explore their creative sides. Deni helped me ‘let go’ and gave me insights on colour, texture, structure and composition. Deni’s guidance on color theory and composition in particular has really helped me. I’ve since been asked to sell a piece!

The class also helped me and the other students get out of our comfort zones - it’s actually not that easy to stop your mind from overthinking. For me, relaxing into the art and simply allowing myself to create lines and marks that were uniquely mine was revelatory. I understood myself a whole lot more.

I highly recommend everyone take an art class to get the brain and body thinking and moving in unique and different ways.

Christiana Knight, NSW, Australia

Deni's process eliminates overthinking, frustration and doubts that all artists face. Her framework stems from the heart and the results are powerful!

Gina Quinlan, California, USA

Absolutely cherish every moment of our classes. What I observed after the 5th session was a shift in my mindset, where I became less concerned about the end result and more immersed in the joy of the creative process, relishing every minute of being fully present in the moment.

Many thanks to Deni for being an incredible artist & an amazing teacher

Reihanah Pourhamedani,  NSW, Australia

OMG Deni, how can I ever thank you enough.


I’m feeling more confident of dealing with areas I want to expand on and areas I want to push back & all with your ‘can do’ zen energy.

Shelley Dixon, NSW, Australia


I'm ready to say yes!

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